Dr. Jamie Barsky

Clinical Psychologist
I am head of the service and Clinical Lead for our medico-legal department. I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist (HPC Reg No PYL24089), having obtained a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The University of Liverpool. I have worked in the field of mental health and psychology for over eight years, across various clinical areas, and I have a Bachelors Degree in Applied Psychology, and a Diploma in Psychology for post-graduates, thereby meeting the requirements for Chartership of the British Psychological Society.
University of Liverpool
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Bachelors Degree in Applied Psychology
Diploma in Psychology for post-graduates
Skill & Experience
Mental Health & Psychology
8+ years experience
  • Completed numerous medico-legal reports for personal injury, criminal and family law
  • Provided evidence and been cross-examined in court as an expert witness, both in person and via video link
  • Registered member of the Health Professions Council

Medico-legal Services

MTAS Psychology has been providing medico-legal and expert witness services since it was established in December 2009. We are currently instructed at a rate of 100 reports per year. We provide assessments for adults and children, in personal injury cases as well as family and criminal law.

MTAS Psychology can provide numerous and varied psychological assessments, incorporating comprehensive psychometric testing and clinical interviewing.

Our services include:

Assessment of psychological harm, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Adjustment Disorder in personal injury and medical negligence cases.

Parenting assessments in criminal and civil proceedings, in which the risk posed to children, by their carers, is assessed.

In-depth, pre-sentencing assessments for criminal cases, when a better understanding of a defendant’s psychological functioning is required by a judge in order to determine an appropriate sentence.

Assessment of a defendant’s capacity to stand trial (fitness to plead) in criminal cases.

Assessment of aspects of a defendant’s psychological functioning that are pertinent to their case, for example, their memory and intellectual functioning or their susceptibility.