Fees & Terms


Summary of Information

MTAS Psychology’s assessment clinic is made up of three clinicians, a full time Administrator and an Operations Manager:

  • Dr Jamie Barsky is the Clinical Director and a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist
  • Nikki Behar is our full time administrator and P.A. – she manages the diaries of the clinicians and can respond to enquiries immediately
  • Marsha Barsky is our Operations Manager – she oversees the running of the organisation, ensuring a high level of service to stake holders and clients.

We currently have clinics in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool and offer face to face and remote assessments. We offer ad hoc assessments around the country, including Prison visits, and can work at Legal Authority rates if required.


Terms and Conditions when Instructing MTAS Psychology

Dr Barsky has over ten years of experience working with all ages within the areas of Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Criminal Law, Family Law and Employment Law.  Dr Barsky completes over 500 reports per year and has attended numerous Court and pre-Trial conferences to give evidence as an expert witness. Dr Barsky is appreciated by Solicitors and Barristers for his ability to present psychological opinions in a format and language that is clear, precise and facilitative of the legal process.

We have three broad levels of assessment, priced as follows:

  1. For a standard PI or RTA injury the fee is £400.00 plus VAT to include:
    • A clinical assessment
    • A brief psychometric screening assessment (where possible)
    • A review of medical records/reports
    • Production of a compliant, highly accessible and clear psychological report.
    • DNA fee is £100
  2.  High value reports for catastrophic injury, Clinical Negligence and Employment cases are usually around £1,200 + VAT to include:
    • In depth clinical assessment
    • Detailed psychometric assessment, including validity/malingering assessment
    • Developmental assessment drawing on evidence based psychological theory – normally required for complex presentations
    • Review of up to 1000 pages of medical records.  For each additional 500 pages there will be an extra fee of £100.00
    • A detailed and thorough psychological report
    • DNA Fee is £300 for these cases
  3. Comprehensive psychological assessment for child abuse cases, Mental Capacity assessments, Criminal Law and Care Proceedings are usually around £2500 plus VAT, to include all of the above, plus:
    • Cognitive / IQ assessment
    • Detailed psychometric test of personality functioning
    • Structured test of malingering and reliability

Report turnaround from assessing an individual is 5-7 days provided we are in receipt of all medical records at the time of the assessment.

If instructed directly by a solicitor, and the case is not being funded privately or via LAA, we can wait until the settlement of a case for payment.

Please contact one of the team for any enquiries:

Dr Jamie Barsky, Clinical Director – jamie@mtaspsychology.co.uk / 07970023866
Nikki Behar, Secretary – nikki@mtaspsychology.co.uk / 07494575768
Marsha Barsky, Operation Manager – marsha@mtaspsychology.co.uk / 07866518595